Exploring the Reality of Inclusive Return-To-Work

The ongoing pandemic has reshaped how we live, how we interact, and how we work in ways we couldn’t imagine only 2 years ago. As we move toward re-opening the economy and our workplaces, businesses must consider how to make the return-to-work work for everyone. 

Everyone has a role to play in building a culture that leverages diverse points of view, elicits new insights, and creates sustainable value. This conference is your opportunity to be a leader that can impact positive change in your organization.

Return to Work: A Broad Picture


Following Opening Remarks, expert panelists will discuss the impact of remote work and return to work on employees with a particular focus on vulnerable populations, provide tips on how to form a safe and collaborative return to work plan that also incorporates legal considerations. 


Rebecca Gewurtz, PhD

Associate Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science

Fergal O'Hagan, PhD

Associate Professor, Trent University
Stephanie Cousineau 20211012

Stephanie Cousineau, PhD

Lawyer, Kent Employment Law

Maureen Haan

President & CEO, Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW)

iCanWork Research


To increase awareness of the resources available on Cancer and Work, our expert panelists discuss the unique challenges faced by cancer survivors during the return-to-work process, key factors that influence return-to-work for cancer survivors and also share information about the iCanWork program with attendees.

Maureen Parkinson 20210913

Maureen Parkinson

Co-lead/Content lead, Cancer and Work and Provincial Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor, BC Cancer Agency
Christine Maheu

Christine Maheu, PhD

Associate Professor, McGill University, Co-Director, Cancer and Work
Tammy Yates 20210908 1

Tammy Yates

Executive Director, Realize / Réalise

Vocational Rehabilitation: An International Perspective


In this International Vocational Rehabilitation Panel, experts from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Austria showcase the services provided, as well as the value proposition and benefits of the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) profession. Our panelists will specifically focus on the essential role of VR in the return-to-work transition and planning. Closing remarks by Dr. Cameron Stockdale to follow.

Tracey Kibble 20210913

Tracey Kibble

President of the Board, Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada
Julia Bunn 20211117

Julia Bunn

Queensland President, Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association (ARPA)
Joy Reymond 20211012

Joy Reymond

Trustee, Vocational Rehabilitation Association of UK
Ingrid Pammer 20211005

Ingrid Pammer

Vocational and Social Pedagogue and mediator, BBRZ
Val Lougheed 20210910

Val Lougheed

Board Director, Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada

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