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iCanWork Research

Disability Management, Occupational Health & Safety, Return-to-Work
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November 17, 2021
This panel aims to provide insights into return work processes specific to cancer survivors.

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To increase awareness of the resources available on Cancer and Work, our expert panelists discuss the unique challenges faced by cancer survivors during the return-to-work process, key factors that influence return-to-work for cancer survivors and also share information about the iCanWork program with attendees.

Who is this course for?

This program is designed for employers, leaders and managers that are looking to take a proactive approach in creating safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces for all.

Learning Outcomes

Increase awareness of the resources available on Cancer and Work
Understand the unique challenges faced by cancer survivors with return to work
Identify key factors that influence the return to work for cancer survivors
Understand the iCanWork: an 11-steps to return to work for cancer survivors and how healthcare professionals can implement this intervention


Christine Maheu
Dr. Christine Maheu is an Associate Professor and affiliate scientist at McGill University. Dr. Maheu is the Co-Director of Cancer and Work and director-at-large for research for the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology. Christine has a Ph.D., Master’s and Bachelor degree in nursing, and a Post-doctorate.
Maureen Parkinson
Maureen Parkinson is a BC Cancer Agency provincial vocational rehabilitation counselor, co-lead of Cancer and Work and a sessional instructor for the course Cancer and Worker Support. Maureen earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Master’s in counseling and the Certified Return to Work Coordinator Program.

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