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The core focus of the Work Wellness Institute is our commitment to turning research into practice, working collaboratively alongside industry, community and academic partners to create workplace wellness while staying productive.

Our committees bring subject matter experts from various backgrounds to ensure our resources are evidence-based, relevant and impactful within workplaces and communities.

Why join the Comittees

Are you passionate about work wellness, inclusion, and productivity? Become a catalyst to creating safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces by sharing your expertise, providing input and discussing landscape trends and gaps.

Join one of our committees to influence positive change in workplaces and communities.

National Advisory Committee (NAC)

The purpose of this advisory body is to build a collaborative community of professionals, employers, people with lived experience and other stakeholders to advise and inform the creation of credible, evidence-based, practical tools and education resources aimed at reducing barriers to participation and employment opportunity to people living with visible and invisible disabilities.

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Provide insight and recommendations to shape resource development on current Work Wellness Institute projects.
  • Share new publications titles or relevant resources.
  • Discuss emerging trends and topics.
  • Make recommendations to support the work of Work Wellness Institute on priority sectors and approaches where new regulatory frameworks are necessary to deal with emerging challenges.

For more information and eligibility, please Contact Us

Review Committtee

Are you a new or experienced academic seeking to expand your experience within the work wellness field? If so, you may be eligible to join our Work Wellness Institute Review Committee.

As a committee member, you will review resources across Work Wellness Institute platforms, including the Work Wellness Institute Portal and our e-courses, on a quarterly basis. In return for your contributions as a committee member, you will:

• Be able to demonstrate professional development through supporting the translation of current research into practice and mobilizing knowledge in your field.
• Stay up to date with evolving cross-sector trends.
• Have your name and credentials acknowledged on the Work Wellness Institute website.
• Gain opportunities for collaboration through connecting with other members of the committee.

For more information about the committee and your eligibility, please contact Sophia Li, Information Resources Coordinator, at [email protected]

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