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Why are disabled people bullied at work and What can organizations do about it?

Diversity and Inclusion, Disability Management, Human Resources
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April 24, 2024 | 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
Disabled people are Canada’s largest minority group, at 27%. They face discrimination not because of their impairments but because of ableism: prejudices that others hold about people’s real or perceived limitations.

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Often disabled people face discrimination in hiring. If they get jobs, they may face discrimination at work, too. Workplace bullying is ableism in action. Although one employee may bully another, bullying may also be structural: built into workplace culture or policies. Because disabled employees contribute not only their talents but their diverse life experiences, organizations strive to retain them. This is a two-part, interactive webinar. In Part 1, Dr. Oldfield will talk about why disabled people are bullied at work and what organizations can do about it. In Part 2, participants will break into groups, and each group will work together to apply learnings from Part 1 to a case study.

Learning Outcomes

Recognize why disabled people are bullied at work
Understand how ableism underlies this bullying
Learn what organizations can do to address it
Apply learnings to a case study


Margaret Oldfield, PhD
Margaret Oldfield, PhD, is a social scientist and disability scholar with wide-ranging interests. Inspired by her experience with chronic illness, she focuses on changing workplaces so people with episodic disabilities can stay employed. She partnered on CCRW’s Disability Confidence in Finance project and collaborates on McMaster University’s project ‘The Impact of Remote Work on Workplace Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities.’ She also explores what it’s like to live in long-term-care (LTC) and how power plays out in these institutions. She promotes a broad range of humane alternatives to LTC. Dr. Oldfield represents the international organization Reimagining Dementia: A Creative Coalition for Justice on Trent University’s Towards Just Care project. Recently, she lectured at Trent on reimagining dementia. For the Canadian Sociological Association, she organized a webinar on Medical Assistance in Dying Track 2, attended by 100 people and featuring experts who all have disabilities. Dr. Oldfield gives workshops on academic writing and coaches graduate students and U of T undergraduates with disabilities. She publishes and presents her work nationally and internationally.


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