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Work Wellness Institute

The Work Wellness Institute was founded in 1985 as an applied research centre investigating chronic disease and the treatment of pain. In response to industry and community needs we recently transformed our organization to focus on workplace health and the transfer of research into practice. As an organization we are committed to a core vision of conducting and supporting global research and mobilizing knowledge that positively impacts workplace health practices. Entering the new decade, we have recently tripled our staff and continue to grow. We have expanded our public education and training programs and influence policy development within various levels of government and across industry. While our name may have slightly changed, our goal remains the same, which is to lead science-based change through our continued collaborative work with our partners across academia, industry, government and community.
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Founded in 1985

Over 100 research publications and presentations

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Focus shifted to workplace health

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Influence Continues to Grow

Leading evidence-based change through education, research, training programs & policy

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