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If the Future of Work Is Now – Are You Ready?

Future of Work


Join the discussion, where April tackles key concepts on what the future of work could, and perhaps already does, look like. In this time of seemingly continual transition, April advocates for leaders to be leaders in vulnerability, transparency, and opening the door to all conversations in support of the employee experience.  

Interview Guest Bio:  

April is a Registered Psychologist, Workplace Psychology Consultant, and Career Counsellor/Coach with nearly a decade of experience preparing people for the future of work. Her professional interests have centered around ways to successfully navigate change and transition in the workplace to maximize success as well as resilience for individuals and organizations alike.    

As the Practice Director of Canada Career Counselling, April has worked with individuals and organizations globally. Not only that, but she is an experienced and sought after speaker who has delivered numerous sessions on these topics at conferences and to organizations across Canada. Along with having an excellent reputation in the field and having presented a number of webinars in the past, April is also a valued member of the WWi Speakers Bureau, helping connect workplaces to some of the best speakers in work wellness!  

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