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Return to Work: A Broad Picture

Disruption in the Workplace, Disability Management, Return-to-Work
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November 17, 2021
This panel aims to provide insights into inclusive return to work from a range of perspectives, including vulnerable populations and legal considerations.

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Expert panelists will discuss the impact of remote work and return to work on employees with a particular focus on vulnerable populations, provide tips on how to form a safe and collaborative return to work plan that also incorporates legal considerations.

Learning Outcomes

Identify the unique work challenges people with disabilities are facing during the pandemic, especially those living in low-income households.
Describe the impact of remote and hybrid work arrangements on the experiences of people living with episodic disabilities.
Identify what can be learned from our experience with remote work during the pandemic that can be used to increase accessibility and inclusion in the workplace.
Describe the complexity of the communication and collaboration of the return to work network.
Identify the barriers to effective communication and collaboration during RTW including the effect of COVID-19
Discuss ways and means of improving communication and collaboration during RTW.
Discuss New developments in occupational health and safety, work stoppages and dismissals, as well as workplace variances


Rebecca Gewurtz
Dr. Rebecca Gewurtz holds a PhD from the University of Toronto and completed a collaborative program through the CHSRF/CIHR in Health Services and Policy Research. Her research focuses on work disability policy, income insecurity, and employment among people living with disabilities.
Fergal O'Hagan
Fergal O'Hagan is a Registered Kinesiologist, academic and researcher. Fergal completed a Bachelor of Science, Masters degree in Adapted Human Biodynamics, Ph.D in Exercise Science, Post-graduate Diploma in Work Disability Prevention Research and postdoctoral fellowship at Social Science and Humanities Research Council CURA program.
Stephanie Cousineau
Stephanie Cousineau has spent her career helping others envision and create meaningful employment experiences, with a genuine interest in how people live and work – through her previous experience as an academic and career development coach, and now, as an employment and human rights lawyer.

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