The Work Wellness Institute (WWi) provides a range of tools and tips to help individuals and organizations create safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces.

We offer a list of e-courses that you can enroll in by choosing from the options below.

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By enrolling in an e-course, you can be eligible to receive a Certificate of Attendance. Certificates are issued for free for WWi and Organizational Members, or for a $25 administration fee for non-members. Learn more about Certification from the Work Wellness Institute.

Organizational Members

In order to receive their Certificates of Attendance, Organizational Members need to enter their Organization ID provided by their organization as follows:

  • At the creation of their account on our WWi Campus site for new Organizational Members
  • Update their profile each year with the new Organization ID provided by their organization on our Organizations for existing Organizational Members

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  • Access our evidence-based e-courses
  • Accreditation Opportunities (optional): Certificates can be provided upon request for a $25 administration fee, please email [email protected]

Members (Best Value)

  • Work Wellness Institute Members
  • Organizational Members
  • Enjoy our evidence-based e-courses at a discounted price
  • Certificates are provided automatically
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