Covid-19 and the Workplace

We are providing information on COVID-19 in the section below, which will be continually updated with important insights and other useful resources to help you navigate work wellness in your current environment.

WWi Webinars

Tyler Amell, PhD, Diana Vissers, MA (Disability Management), MCVP (F), RRP, Jordan Friesen, MOT, OT, Reg (MB), Kevin Kelloway, PhD​, and Chris Back,

Caroline Biron, MPs, PhD – Professor, Department of Management of the Faculty of Business Administration, Laval University

Diana Vissers, MA (Disability Management), MCVP (F), RRP, Tyler Amell, PhD, Gregg Taylor, MACP, BA, RCC, CPHR, Manobhiram (Manu) Nellutla, CCPE, and Andrew Tarver, JD


Actsafe Safety Association
Institute for Work and Health
Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of BC and Yukon

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