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The 4-Day Work Week

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Employers around the world are constantly considering how to create a more productive and accessible working environment for its employees. One individual in particular has revolutionized the way we consider this very idea: Andrew Barnes, the creator of 4 Day Week Global.

Who is 4 Day Week Global?

4 Day Week Global is a non-profit organization developed by Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart that provides a platform for individuals and organizations who are interested in supporting the idea of a 4-day week in the office. The organization was formed in response to the overwhelming attention received from Andrew Barnes implementing a 4-day work week in his organization and the positive impacts following. He saw an incredible increase in individual organizational productivity, nearly doubling profit margins, and an overall increase in reported employee well-being.

What is the 4-Day Work Week?

The 4-Day Work Week is a business improvement strategy focused on encouraging organizations to work smarter rather than longer. It is a model that invests in the very reason organizations are so successful – its people. Andrew Barnes’ proven method suggests 100% of the pay, 80% of the time, in exchange for 100% productivity while engaged with work.

“I am essentially giving employees time back to their lives outside of work because they were willing to show up 100% of the time at work”

Andrew Barnes

Why implement a 4-day work week?

It will improve productivity

By shifting your workplace away from measuring productivity on hours worked and focusing more on employee work-life balance, positive results will begin to show. The 4-day work week has proven to deliver an increase in productivity all around the world in several industries.

It will enhance employee wellbeing

By implementing a 4-day work week, employers are having a direct impact on their employee’s work-life balance by delivering transformational benefits. The 4-day work week will improve both physical and mental health, and has shown to reduce burnout, stress, sick leave and absenteeism. In addition, working 4 days a week improves job satisfaction and brand loyalty, proving to have organizational benefits alongside the individual.

Employees are more engaged with their work

The 4-day week has proven to create a more energized, efficient and motivated working environment through a shifted focus away from time spent in the office to organizational priorities, delivered outputs, and achieving key performance indicators.

It gives your organization a competitive edge

Implementing the 4-Day Work Week will attract a larger pool of potential candidates for the roles your organization is hoping to fill. This increased interest will allow your recruitment process to be more selective and help retain the best potential employees.

It creates a more sustainable workplace

By reducing the number of days required for employees to work, it reduces the amount of pollution and energy used for commuting and encourages employees to live a more sustainable lifestyle outside of work.

It encourages gender equality

By implementing a 4-day week, it allows responsibilities to be more evenly distributed between primary care givers at home while reducing the cost of childcare. In addition, it makes senior management positions more accessible for women and those individuals who care for children and others outside of work.

It labels your organization as innovative thinkers

By being ahead of the curve and adapting to a 4-day work week, it signals to others that you’re constantly considering how to be a more adaptable and inclusive workplace.

“Your biggest risk is not implementing the 4-day week. Your biggest risk is your biggest competitor does it first”

Andrew Barnes

Are you interested in implementing the 4-Day Work Week?

Watch our 4-Day Work Week webinar with Andrew Barnes today to learn how your organization can enroll and implement a 4-Day Work Week.

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