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The Role of the Workplace in Promoting (or Hindering) Physical Activity Outside of Work

Occupational Health & Safety
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The workplace provides an ideal setting for physical activity promotion as >15 million Canadians spend half their days at work. Yet, working lives and time spent at work can also represent barriers to physical activity participation outside work hours. In this presentation, Dr. Avi Biswas presents findings from three studies that highlight how workplaces can influence physical activity outside of work.

Learning Outcomes

Examples of physical activity-promoting measures commonly found in Canadian workplaces
Key components of occupations that can facilitate leisure time physical activity levels
The challenges workers can face in participating in physical activity outside of work
Canadian workplaces have a wide range of physical activity-promoting facilities available to them to promote greater physical activity in their workforce
There are specific working conditions and time use factors that are likely to promote or impede worker participation in physical activity outside work
Based on their sociodemographic and occupational characteristics, certain workers are more likely to fall through the gaps in terms of efforts to promote physical activity

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