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Sustainable Work Ability and Long Covid

Disruption in the Workplace
130 1hr
August 29, 2023 | 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET
Empirical evidence will be presented on the work ability implications and possibilities of long COVID.

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Empirical evidence will be presented on the:

  • Work ability implications of long COVID:
  • Worker’s perspectives on enablers and obstacles to sustainability returning or staying at work
  • What has and has not worked?
  • Circumstances under which sustained work ability appears possible;
  • Implications for a biopsychosocial approach to vocational rehabilitation and return to work planning for long COVID and related conditions


Learning Outcomes

Understand the obstacles and enablers to work ability for people with long COVID
Understand the working conditions that enable sustainable work ability for workers with long covid in terms of work place accommodations and self-management support
Deepen insights into the utility of a biopsychosocial vocational rehabilitation approach to long COVID, related conditions and to tackling worklessness


Jennifer Lunt, Ph.D.
Fully Qualified Health Psychologist with 20 years of experience of application Health Psychology to research, training and consultancy within multiple industry sectors. Programme lead for the MSc in Behaviour Change and the University of Derby. Formerly Principal Health Psychologist at the Health and Safety Executive. Research interests and publications inin wellbeing at work and sustainability Health & Safety and Organisational Culture Change Welllbeing at work (including stress prevention, resilience, recovery at work and return to work) Applying behavioural insights and 'nudge' to Health and Safety Applying the biopsychosocial approach to contemporary health at work challenges Track records in: • Independent expert driven strategic and cultural assessment and audit with independent peer review publications. • Profile raising through case study publication and award completions • Survey design, analysis and interpretation • Solution generation workshops or 'think tanks' mixing expert and practitioner views. • Support in designing and implementing H&S culture and behavior change programs. • Training design and delivery • Evaluation services: Did it work, how well, and why? • Trouble shooting: e.g. on securing ‘buy-in to H&S ’, embedding and maintaining change. Formerly Principle Health Psychologist at the Health and Safety Laboratory (Health and Safety Executive)

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