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Exploring the Landscape of Gig Work for People with Disabilities

Diversity and Inclusion, Disability Management, Future of Work
130 1hr
September 14, 2023 | 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET
To gain insight into the emerging gig economy in Canada, the Work Wellness Institute conducted a scoping review and a qualitative study investigating the experiences of people living with disabilities (PLWD) involved in gig work.

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This webinar showcases both the benefits and drawbacks of gig work for this population and explores the nuances around how PLWD end up in gig work, and what changes they’d like to see implemented to create a more accessible and equitable gig economy for everyone.

Learning Outcomes

Recognize the current gaps in protection, support resources and stability for all gig workers
Evaluate how disability intersects with the gig economy, including opportunities and challenges
Understand what actions need to take place at the policy level to create positive change in the gig economy


Cameron Stockdale, Ed.D.
Dr. Cameron Stockdale, an executive leader and scholar in the fields of leadership, innovation, technology, law, and organizational behavior, brings his extensive experience to bear in guiding positive change within organizations. Emphasizing an approach of ongoing growth and refinement, his work focuses on increasing efficiencies and bolstering team performance. Drawing from a substantial background in emergency services, including over 25 years of hands-on experience, Dr. Stockdale’s research is rooted in its practical applications. As the CEO of the Work Wellness Institute, a non-profit research organization dedicated to conducting global research and disseminating knowledge that fosters a positive workplace environment Dr. Stockdale's goal is to make research more accessible for workplaces and employers, with a focus on workplace health, wellness and performance issues.
Janessa Griffith
Janessa Griffith is the Research Director at the Work Wellness Institute. She holds a PhD in Medical Science from the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on bridging the gap between research and implementation. Recently, Janessa conducted research on vaccine hesitancy in Canada which gained national and international media coverage. Janessa mobilized this research by creating an initiative to promote vaccine uptake in Canada which was recognized by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Theresa Tam.
Sydney Penner
Sydney Penner is a Research Assistant at the Work Wellness Institute. She holds a BA in Psychology from Simon Fraser University. Her research focuses on concurrent mental disorders and substance use, with an emphasis on sleep rhythms. She has coordinated psychiatric behavioral studies and clinical drug trials, and has worked to implement patient-oriented perspectives and community-based knowledge translation into addictions research practices. Most recently, Sydney conducted a sleep study in a psychiatric in-patient population and founded a mental health knowledge translation podcast that was presented at the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Putting Patients First conference and featured by the Canadian Psychology Association.

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