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Recruitment for a Research Study on Chronic Pain

Disability Management, Leadership

We are seeking US or Canada-based employees with chronic pain and their leaders (e.g., managers, supervisors) to take part in a study to evaluate a pain-focused transformational leadership training program designed to improve employee’s experience of chronic pain. You can participate in the study if you are suffering from chronic pain and are actively working (not on disability leave). We are only seeking employee-leader couples; therefore, both parties should agree to participate to be eligible.

The study is conducted by Dr. Duygu Biricik Gulseren (York University) and her research team. It is funded by WorkSafeBC.

We will ask the leaders to participate in an hour-long pain-focused transformational leadership training program to increase their knowledge, skills, and confidence in addressing the problem of chronic pain in the workplace.

We will collect data through three surveys. Both the employees and their leaders will answer a few closed-ended questions prior to the training, after attending the training program, and in a follow-up study.

Each survey takes 20 minutes on average. The compensation in Survey 2 will include the time leaders spend participating in the program (i.e., 60 mins).

Note that the participation is completely voluntary.

Compensation for leader (in the form of (based in Canada) or (based in US): (survey 1=C$10 (7 USD), training + survey 2= C$60 (42 USD), survey 3= C$10(7 USD))+C$5(4 USD)= C$85 (64 USD)

Compensation for employee: (survey 1= C$10 (7 USD), survey 2= C$10 (7 USD), survey 3= C$10(7 USD))+C$5(4 USD) = C$35 (25 USD)

Interested employees with chronic pain can send an e-mail to [email protected] keeping their leader in the cc of the e-mail. We will verify both parties’ interest and eligibility before the study. You can use “Pain Study” in the subject line of your e-mail.

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