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November 2022 – Conference Call Out

Disruption in the Workplace, Diversity and Inclusion, Disability Management, Human Resources, Leadership, Mental Health, Occupational Health & Safety, Psychosocial Factors, Return-to-Work, Future of Work

We are excited to invite you, your colleagues, and organizations to participate in our upcoming conference.

Building on the themes of our previous conferences, we continue to look at the future of work. In particular, we are looking at: The reality of workplace wellness

The conference will be held virtually on: November 3rd, 2022 from 8.30am PT to 2.30pm PT.

Overall theme: The Reality of Workplace Wellness

The conference is broken down into three sub-themes:

1 – Current labour market

  • Understanding of current landscape – e.g. gaps between employer hiring and employee finding work and factors impacting that.
  • Inclusive recruitment and retention practices to identify skilled individuals in ‘vulnerable’ groups including people with disabilities, immigrants etc.

2 – Burnout

  • Awareness of the impact of burnout on employees and work, what can cause it, and what it looks like.
  • How external disruption to the workplace (economic, pandemic) impacts employee health, particularly people with disabilities.
  • Accommodations to support disclosure and address burnout.

3 – Flexible work practices

  • Benefits of flexible work practices for both employees and the organization.
  • What a truly flexible workplace could look like.
  • Challenges in implementing flexible work practices.


Opportunities for involvement

We have multiple options for you to be involved. Please follow the link associated with what you are interested in submitting. Please note, that should you wish to submit for multiple participation opportunities, you will be required to fill in a form for each request.

1 – Panel session

Panel session: If you have expertise in any of the above subthemes and you would like to present on one of our panel sessions, please submit your suggested presentation idea for us to review using the link below:   

Deadline for submission: August 26th  

Each panel session runs for approx. 1 hour 15 minutes. Therefore, submissions should allow for approximately 20 minutes of speaking time. 30 minutes will be kept for panel discussion and Q&A with the audience.    Panelists will also have the opportunity to come together at the end of the conference for the closing remarks and networking session. 

Submission criteria: 

Please include the following: 

  1. Short bio   
  • Who you are and your affiliation (university/organization) 
  • Contact information 
  1. Presentation proposal 
  • What you would present on that aligns with our conference theme/sub themes 
  • What the audience will be able to take away from your presentation (for example, recommendations for practice) 


2 – Moderator

Moderator: If you have experience facilitating conversation and expertise and/or experience within any of the sub themes listed, please submit your interest in moderating one of our panel sessions via the link below. 

Deadline for submission: August 26th


Submission criteria: 

  1. Short bio 
  • Who you are and your affiliation (university/organization) 
  • Contact information 
  1. Experience 
  • Ability to facilitate conversation 
  • Previous experience as a moderator 
  • Expertise or lived experience in at least one of the themes outlined above 


3 – Infographic presentation

Infographic presentation: If you have recent research or a project initiative related to the future of work or work wellness, this is an opportunity to promote your work. We will be selecting up to 10 projects to be turned into infographics in both English and French and displayed at the conference. Please follow the link to complete the submission for  

Deadline for submission: September 12th  


Submission criteria: 

Please include the following 

  1. Overview 
  • All authors/researchers and their affiliation 
  • Funding source 
  • Conflict of interest 
  1. Background  
  • Context as to why the research project emerged/was needed etc. 
  1. Methodologies  
  • The method (i.e. interviews, surveys, reviews) 
  • Number of participants 
  • Demographics (i.e. age, occupation,)  
  1. Key Findings  
  • Key outcomes of research/project 
  • Key learnings for the reader  
  • Statistics where applicable  
  1. Actionable Steps for the Workplace (based upon key findings) 
  • Practical tips or recommendations  
  • Implications of research within the workplace setting 


4 – Exhibitor

Exhibitor: Hosting a virtual booth at the conference is complimentary, and the goal is to interact with participants and engage them with the work you do. We do recommend being able to attend on the day, particularly at the peak networking times, but there is an option to create a static booth. Please indicate your preference when submitting to us. 

Deadline for submission: October 10th  

Submission criteria: 

Please follow the link below to complete the form, with your name and contact details, the organization/project you wish to have a booth for, along with a short summary of the organization or project.   




We will be actively reviewing submissions and will get back to you once your submission has been reviewed. 

If you experience any issues accessing the submission forms, please email us at [email protected]

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