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Adoption of inclusive work wellness practices across sectors generates resilient, learning organizations able to navigate the uncertain economic landscape of today and lay a foundation to better prepare for future disruptions.

Be an Informed Leader in Actionable Work Wellness

One in five working-age Canadians live with a visible or invisible disability – a statistic predicted to rise with Canada’s aging population. Even moderate success in addressing existing labour market gaps between people with disabilities and the general population is estimated to have significant socioeconomic benefits to Canada.

Work Wellness Institute Leadership Certificate

The Work Wellness Institute Leadership Certificate focuses on Leadership approaches, change management and culture shift. This certification is key for any leader of today whether you have aspirations of leadership, you are a new leader or even a seasoned leader – the topics you will cover are timely and important. The actionable skills and knowledge you learn from your studies will improve you as a leader but also improve every workplace you lead.

Complete this certification program to increase your knowledge and awareness, while also learning strategies and practical tools to enhance your capacity in building a collaborative, healthy, inclusive and productive workplace.

Examples of the courses included in this certification are:

The Leadership Certification programming has been developed to support an individual learning journey through a self-paced, multi-medium design.

Current and future leaders can work through the courses on their own schedules and when it works best for them. Once you earn your Work Wellness Institute Leadership Certification you will receive your certificate as well as your seal to include in your e-signature and on your business card.

“Leading companies are being ever-vigilant to ensure their programs do not become another ‘check-the-box’ exercise, an issue that has plagued well-being offerings.”

– Mercer ‘Global Talent Trends 2022’ Report

Latest Release in ‘Thoughts to Inspire’ Series – Leadership: A Human Focused Art

Dr. Cameron Stockdale, Work Wellness Institute President and CEO, held a discussion on Leadership with Dr. John Paul Rollert who has taught courses at both Harvard University and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in ethics, politics and leadership.

They discuss leadership topics such as how to be aware of the impact we have on others, the importance of capacity for empathy, and effects leadership can have on the team. Dr. John Paul Rollert also brings forward his unique background of humanities, literature, philosophy, and particularly history while bringing along some of his personal heroes such as Adam Smith.

Dr. John Paul Rollert’s teaching and research focuses on the intellectual history of capitalism, the ethics of leadership, and the application of empathy to law, business, and politics.

A graduate of Harvard College, Rollert earned his JD from Yale Law School and a PhD from The John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Rollert’s academic writing has been published by The Business and Society Review, The Journal of Law, Culture and the Humanities, Raritan, Critical Inquiry, and The Yale Law Journal.

In addition to his academic work, he frequently writes on business, politics and the law for a variety of popular publications, such as his In-House Ethicist feature column for the Chicago Booth Review, The New Republic, Harper’s, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Slate, Fortune, and The New York Times.

Click below to watch Part 1 of this leadership discussion now and be sure to stay up to date with us for the release of Part 2 for even more topical insights, in-depth discussion and opportunities for reflection.

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