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Is Exercising with Chronic Pain as Easy as “Just do it”?

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Exercising at the recommended level of 150 minutes each week can help individuals better self-manage their chronic pain. However, many people struggle to meet this recommendation.

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Dr. Gyurcsik will discuss key psychological factors that may help people with pain adhere to regular exercise. These include exercise-related and pain related factors. Applying these findings into a real-world community-based context will also be discussed.

Learning Outcomes

Understand key exercise-related and pain-related psychological skills that may help adults stick with regular exercise in order to better self-manage their chronic pain.
Distinguish differences in the psychological profile of adults with chronic pain who meet the exercise recommendation, do not meet the recommendation, or are completely inactive.
Identify opportunities and barriers to the translation of education on key psychological skills and the offering of exercise programs into the community to help adults with chronic pain exercise more regularly.

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