Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 10:00 AM PT, 1:00 PM ET

Panel Webinar – Returning to Work for People with Disabilities in Covid-19

Work Wellness Institute panel of experts will speak to the following topics in this webinar session: 

  • Potential barriers and accommodation for Covid-19 in workspaces
  • Employer bias (ex. assuming vulnerability)
  • Long term steps for employers
  • Rights for people living with disabilities in work environments (including the duty to disclose and any potential changes due to Covid-19)

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Canadian organizations have been challenged to refocus priorities and adapt to new business models while managing unprecedented processes and policies to accommodate remote and flexible working arrangements. This webinar will aim to inform and highlight new human resources challenges in disability management (e.g., risk assessment, disclosure policies and workplace safety) that are surfacing alongside increased mental health challenges and work/life balance strain among employees.

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Hosted by

Photo SteveMantis 20201013

Steve Mantis

Steve was injured in an industrial accident in 1978 losing his left arm. He went through the W.C.B. system and saw first hand how it failed for many injured workers. In 1984, he helped found the Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group. He has been active ever since working to improve the lives of injured and disabled workers across Canada both through increasing the awareness of the barriers may disabled workers face and organizing self-help groups to address those barriers. He is presently the Chair of the Research Action Committee of the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups.
Photo LucieKocum 20201013

Lucie Kocum, PhD

Dr. Lucie Kocum (pronounced: Koh-tsoom) is an associate professor in the department of psychology at Saint Mary’s University. Dr. Kocum takes a systems approach in her research on workplace accessibility, linking science, policy, and practice in her projects. In her most recent work with provincial government, business, and academic partners, she is building the Job Access Management web application (JAM-app), an online tool designed to facilitate accessibility communication between workers and management in workplaces of all sizes—from small businesses to corporations. Dr. Kocum’s passion for building evidence-based tools for accessible workplaces is informed by her own insights as a professor with a disability. Follow Dr. Kocum @WorkScientist.
Photo ArifJetha 20201013

Arif Jetha, PhD

Dr. Arif Jetha is a scientist at the Institute for Work & Health. He is also an assistant professor (status-only) at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health. Jetha earned his PhD in behavioural sciences and public health at the University of Toronto, and an MSc in health community and development from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He also held post-doctoral fellowships at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety and the Institute for Work & Health. Jetha’s program of research aims at understanding how the future of work will affect the employment participation of people living with chronic disabling conditions across the life course. He is specifically interested in understanding early labour market experiences of millennial young adults and their impact on key transitions across life. Jetha's research takes a systems perspective to understand the role of policy-level factors and organizational conditions in the prevention and management of work disability. Jetha uses mixed-methods research approaches to pursue his research program and produce findings that are relevant and usable for diverse stakeholders.

Co-Moderated by

Maureen Haan

Maureen Haan

Maureen Haan is the President and CEO of the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work. The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work focuses on supporting Job Seekers with disabilities and Employers across Canada.​​
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