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Measuring Best Practices for Workplace Safety, Health, and Well-Being: The Worksite Integrated Safety and Health Assessment

Disruption in the Workplace, Human Resources, Leadership, Occupational Health & Safety
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This webinar will describe best practice solutions for improving and measuring employee and employer outcomes related to safety, health, and well-being, using a management systems approach shaped by employees.

Take-home messages

  • Worker safety and health outcomes share common pathways in the conditions of work, underscoring the need for system-level changes.
  • Addressing multiple pathways in an integrated manner will contribute to greater improvements in health outcomes than addressing each pathway separately.
  • Measuring indicators of best practices can provide guidance for priority setting and decision making, and can inform future intervention efforts.

Learning Outcomes

To apply a conceptual model describing the pathways through which working conditions may shape worker wellbeing.
To implement best practices using a set of guidelines on how to build organizational capacity for integrated approaches to worker safety and health.
To describe and measure core indicators of these best practices to improve and protect worker safety, health and wellbeing.

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