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Leadership: A Human Focused Art (Part 2) | Dr. John Paul Rollert

Description After Part 1, continue in the dynamic and thought-provoking conversation with Dr. John Paul Rollert as he continues to share his in-depth insights and expertise on leadership in this interview’s final segment.  Interview Guest Bio John Paul Rollert teaches classes in leadership, ethics, and politics at Harvard University and…
Thoughts to Inspire

Leadership: A Human Focused Art (Part 1) | Dr. John Paul Rollert

Description Join in the dynamic and thought-provoking conversation with Dr. John Paul Rollert as he shares his initial thoughts on leadership and what behaviours may constitute a passing grade. Ensure to stay up to date with us for the release of part 2 to learn more!  Interview Guest Bio John…
Thoughts to Inspire

The Future of Work and Disruption in the Workplace | Dr. Laura Hambley

Disruption in the Workplace, Leadership, Future of Work
Description Join Dr. Hambley in this engaging presentation, founded in three key principles of ‘Visioning the Future of Work’ ‘Current Context and Opportunity’ and ‘Why Organizations Must Master Hybrid Leadership’ that encourages both outward discussion and inward reflection.    Interview Guest Bio Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett is an Organizational Psychologist, Keynote…
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New Membership & Certification Program NOW LIVE

Founded in Canada in 1985, the Work Wellness Institute is committed to a core vision of turning research into practice, conducting and supporting global research, and mobilizing knowledge that positively impacts workplace health practices.  The Work Wellness Institute leads evidence-informed change through continued collaborative work with partners across academia, industry,…
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‘LGBTQ+ (2SLGBTQIA+ in Canada) Inclusion at Work ’ Lecture on Demand FREE during Pride Month

Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Leadership
  To celebrate Pride month, the Work Wellness Institute is allowing its lecture on demand titled ‘LGBTQ+ (2SLGBTQIA+ in Canada) Inclusion at Work’ to be available for free. This lecture connects learners with recent research and thought leadership on the topic along with some practical recommendations that can be utilised…
Thoughts to Inspire

Workplace Wellness Pillars to Navigating the Future of Work | Dr. Tyler Amell

Disruption in the Workplace, Diversity and Inclusion, Future of Work
Description Join us in this fulsome presentation by Dr. Tyler Amell, as he guides us through current pillars of navigating the present and future workplaces, entrenched in workplace wellness strategies and a continual focus of equity diversity and inclusion. Interview Guest Bio Dr. Tyler Amell is an internationally recognized thought…

Building Relationships to Build Understanding 

Leadership, Mental Health
Written by Erica Naccarato  While being an effective leader has not always centered around building effective relationships with direct reports, the dawn of this practice was eventuated over the last two decades, particularly during the fall of the traditional command-and-control leadership style. Many coaches and leaders are encouraged to build…

Menopause in the Workplace Infographic – Infographic

Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, Mental Health, Psychosocial Factors

Financial Incentives for Hiring People with Disabilities – Infographic

Diversity and Inclusion, Disability Management, Human Resources, Psychosocial Factors

Is Exercising with Chronic Pain as Easy as « Just do it »? – Infographic

Disability Management, Mental Health, Psychosocial Factors

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