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Able Or Unable To Work? Life Trajectory After Severe Occupational Injury

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This webinar will discuss the probabilities and permanence of different life situations (working, full disability and rehabilitation) after severe occupational Injury. Presentation is based on a scientific research article, which used a register-based data.

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A historical cohort of Finnish workers with a severe occupational injury during 2008 (n=11585) were followed up annually on the outcomes of RTW over a 5-year observation period in order to (1) examine the probabilities of return to work, full disability and rehabilitation after a severe occupational injury, (2) investigate the permanence of these life situations and transitions between them and (3) study the connection between these life situations and working at a later stage in life. This webinar will illustrate the results of this study.

Take-home messages:

  • The vast majority of workers will return to work after a severe occupational injury
  • The current life situation (working, rehabilitation, full disability) is a strong predictor of later working after a serious occupational injury.
  • The probability of return to work decreases significantly with time, thus rehabilitation and return to work programs should start as soon as possible.
  • The probability of recovery after a severe occupational injury is relatively high even for those with long-term disabilities, so the promotion of return to work is highly recommended also for this target group.

Learning Outcomes

What is the expected life trajectory after a severe occupational injury
How permanent the different life situations are
What are the determinants of RTW
What are the connections between different life situations and working at a later stage in life

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