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The Future of Work and Disruption in the Workplace | Dr. Laura Hambley

Disruption in the Workplace, Leadership, Future of Work


Join Dr. Hambley in this engaging presentation, founded in three key principles of ‘Visioning the Future of Work’ ‘Current Context and Opportunity’ and ‘Why Organizations Must Master Hybrid Leadership’ that encourages both outward discussion and inward reflection.   

Interview Guest Bio

Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett is an Organizational Psychologist, Keynote Speaker, Business Leader, Author, and Podcast Host. She is a sought-after thought leader on workplace psychology and career development internationally, with 22+ years of experience. Dr. Laura is a thought leader on the evolution of work and understands the intersection of business and people.

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Dr. Laura’s areas of expertise include leadership, team, and culture development in organizations, remote/hybrid workplace success, and mental health/developing resiliency through turbulent times.

She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Calgary, where she is currently an Adjunct Professor.

As a passionate entrepreneur, Dr. Laura has founded several psychology practices in Canada since 2009, including Work EvOHlution™, Canada Career Counselling, and Synthesis Psychology.  She runs the widely followed podcast Where Work Meets LifeTM, where she interviews global experts on a variety of topics around wellness, career, and culture.

In addition to her businesses, she has published two psychological thrillers, Losing Cadence and Finding Sophie. She hopes to both captivate readers and raise awareness on important topics around mental health and domestic violence.  Dr. Laura received a Canadian Women of Inspiration Award as a Global Influencer in 2018.

Dr. Laura has a busy and fun household in Calgary, with a husband, two teenage sons, a daughter, and a Miniature American Eskimo.

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