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Actionable Work Wellness

July 5th, 2023

Work Wellness Institute programming includes actionable workplace wellness skills. These skills are a critical component in implementing genuine workplace wellness.

“Leading companies are being ever-vigilant to ensure their programs do not become another ‘check-the-box’ exercise, an issue that has plagued well-being offerings.” – Mercer ‘Global Talent Trends 2022’ Report

For this reason, the Work Wellness Institute is challenging workplaces to commit to implementing one new actionable work wellness initiative this year. “We want to help workplaces ensure their wellness offerings are effective and not something their teams feel are simply to check-the-box” says Dr. Cameron Stockdale, Work Wellness Institute, CEO.

The Work Wellness Institute challenges workplaces across Canada to commit to implementing one new actionable work wellness initiative this year. 

Ideas of Actionable Work Wellness Initiatives to Implement:

Participate in the Challenge

Share one of the above Work Wellness Institute social media cards on your own workplace social media channel if that is the action your workplace commits to add this year (download button below). Use the blank template to fill in a unique action your workplace is taking.

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