Team Category: Board

Gerry LeBlanc

Gerry LeBlanc has been involved with the labour movement in Canada for nearly four decades. All that time was spent… Read more »

David Lambie

David Lambie, a CFA charter holder, is a well-regarded senior executive with over 15 years of experience primarily focused in… Read more »

Nicole Liddell

Nicole Liddell is the Vice President of People & Culture at InvestX Capital, the Marketplace for pre-IPO Giants offering clients… Read more »

Bijan Pourkarimi

Bijan Pourkarimi is an energy and sustainability executive with over 35 years of business and management experience in small, medium,… Read more »

Tyler Amell

Dr. Tyler Amell is an internationally recognized thought leader on the topic of workplace health and productivity. He is chief… Read more »

Manu Nellutla

Manu Nellutla is currently with Amazon as WHS Governance and Compliance Manager, Canada. He was previously CEO at Actsafe Safety… Read more »

Normand Côté

Normand Côté is an executive with 38 years of banking and consulting experience in both line banking and various staff… Read more »

Steve Horvath

Steve Horvath previously worked as the President and CEO of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada. Prior to this, Steve… Read more »