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Blog Post

Growth and Professional Development in the New Fiscal Year with the Work Wellness Institute

Leadership, Future of Work
As we step into a new fiscal year, it’s a pivotal time for organizations and professionals alike to reflect on growth opportunities. In today’s ever-evolving workplace, the pursuit of continuous learning and professional development is not just an option but a necessity. At the Work Wellness Institute, we embody the…
Blog Post

Recruitment for a Research Study on Chronic Pain

Disability Management, Leadership
We are seeking US or Canada-based employees with chronic pain and their leaders (e.g., managers, supervisors) to take part in a study to evaluate a pain-focused transformational leadership training program designed to improve employee’s experience of chronic pain. You can participate in the study if you are suffering from chronic…
Blog Post

Unlocking the Power of Impact: Redefining the Role of Research

Leadership, Occupational Health & Safety, Future of Work
I am not the first one to write about this, and I won’t be the last. However, given the work of our organization I thought it might be an appropriate article. In today’s evolving research landscape, the desire to make a tangible impact on society has become more pressing than…
Blog Post

Unlocking Economic Success: The Power of Inclusive Workplaces for All

Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, Future of Work
Recently, in a discussion with a potential grant funder, the economic importance of hiring individuals with disabilities emerged as a topic of great significance. This conversation brought to mind a summer class I attended with Professor John Paul Rollert, where we explored the fundamental principles outlined in Adam Smith’s influential…
Blog Post

Navigating the Landscape of Workplace Mental Health and Wellness: Prioritizing Evidence and Efficacy in Programs

Disruption in the Workplace, Leadership, Mental Health, Psychosocial Factors
In a recent publication in the Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, concerns have bee raised about the efficacy of mental health first aid (MHFA) programs in addressing workplace mental health issues(1). Despite widespread promotion, many of these programs lack sufficient evidence to support their use by employers, often resulting…
Blog Post

Are We Becoming Managers, Not Leaders? Leadership in Today’s Hybrid Workplace

Disruption in the Workplace, Human Resources, Leadership, Future of Work
In the midst of our world being propelled ever forward by the rapid advancement of technology, the concept of a traditional ‘office’ is increasingly becoming a relic of the past. The advent of hybrid workplaces, where employees split their time between working remotely and onsite, has led to a seismic…
Blog Post

Disability Employment Awareness Month

Disability Management, Leadership, Mental Health, Occupational Health & Safety, Psychosocial Factors
The purpose of Disability Employment Awareness Month is to promote employment inclusion for people with disabilities and celebrate the many and varied contributions of workers with disabilities. The Work Wellness Institute is very proud to share the numerous amounts of work we have done to promote the inclusion of individuals…
Blog Post

Pushed or Pulled? A Qualitative Study of the Landscape of Gig Work for People Living with Disabilities and Future Recommendations for Best Practices

Diversity and Inclusion, Disability Management, Future of Work
The gig economy has rapidly emerged as a popular employment option, offering flexible work arrangements and opportunities for individuals seeking alternative employment. While its potential benefits are often highlighted, limited research exists on how the gig economy specifically impacts people with disabilities.    Why the Gig Economy?  The aim of this…
Blog Post

New Membership & Certification Program NOW LIVE

Founded in Canada in 1985, the Work Wellness Institute is committed to a core vision of turning research into practice, conducting and supporting global research, and mobilizing knowledge that positively impacts workplace health practices.  The Work Wellness Institute leads evidence-informed change through continued collaborative work with partners across academia, industry,…
Blog Post

‘LGBTQ+ (2SLGBTQIA+ in Canada) Inclusion at Work ’ Lecture on Demand FREE during Pride Month

Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Leadership
  To celebrate Pride month, the Work Wellness Institute is allowing its lecture on demand titled ‘LGBTQ+ (2SLGBTQIA+ in Canada) Inclusion at Work’ to be available for free. This lecture connects learners with recent research and thought leadership on the topic along with some practical recommendations that can be utilised…

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