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Founded in Canada in 1985, the Work Wellness Institute is committed to a core vision of turning research into practice, conducting and supporting global research, and mobilizing knowledge that positively impacts workplace health practices. 

The Work Wellness Institute leads evidence-informed change through continued collaborative work with partners across academia, industry, government, and the community. 

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New Annual Membership Includes: 

  • 350+ Lectures on Demand 
  • 18 e-Courses 
  • New monthly research-based Lectures 
  • Accreditation opportunities across numerous topics 
  • Discounts for virtual conferences 
  • Ability to learn actionable new skills based on trusted research 
  • Work Wellness Institute Certifications for members only, including; 

Leadership Certification
 Inclusivity Recruitment & Retention Certification
 Ambassador Certification 

Your membership fees contribute to the expansion of our ongoing and new research projects which result in actionable steps that improve workplace wellness. Join the Work Wellness Institute in transforming research into workplace performance and health. 


Corporate Memberships 

If you would like to learn more about the Corporate Membership program and the additional benefits for your workplace, please reach out to our team at [email protected] to schedule a virtual Q&A. 

3 New Certifications 

Complete our certification programs to increase your knowledge and awareness, while also learning strategies and practical tools to enhance your capacity in building a collaborative, healthy, inclusive and productive workplace. Certification streams are only available to our members.

Leadership Certification

The Work Wellness Institute Leadership Certification programming focuses on leadership approaches, change management and culture shifts towards building a collaborative environment to foster healthy workplaces.  

Inclusivity Recruitment & Retention Certification

The Work Wellness Institute Inclusivity Recruitment & Retention Certification program focuses on inclusion knowledge and practices, resource, tools and actionable steps towards learning practical interventions for building a collaborative environment to foster healthy, inclusive and productive workplaces. 

Ambassador Certification 

This prestigious Certification is to recognize members that have put in the work, time and effort to gain knowledge that they can implement to help improve their workplaces through many different practical tools learned throughout our evidence based, trusted research programming. 

Want to Explore Programming Before Joining?

If you would like to learn more about our e-Campus programming before joining as a member, simply create a free account in our e-Campus and explore! (click ‘sign-in’ from our e-Campus homepage, then click ‘create a new account’ and begin exploring)

New Membership & Certification Program NOW LIVE!

350+ Lectures on Demand, 18 e-Courses, 3 Certifications, Accreditations

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