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A Leadership Blueprint to a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) World | Dr. Rob Elkington

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In a time of unprecedented rates of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity; Dr. Elkington looks to provide an antidote and proposes a shift in the leadership narrative. Offering a change in mindset of ‘let’s win together’ this conversation navigates away from the leader pressures of knowing all the answers and extends to leveraging imbedded leadership throughout an organization in a co-constructed new way forward.

About Dr. Rob Elkington

Rob Elkington, Ph.D., currently resides in Canada, where he serves as Assistant Professor, Trent University Durham, and as the CEO of Global Leadership Initiatives, Inc., which exists to “develop excellence in leadership globally,”

Rob also serves on the faculty of various universities such as:

  • Adjunct Professor at the Ontario Tech University in the Faculty of Social Science and the Faculty of Education. o Supervising faculty with the Ed.D program for Education.
  • Graduate teaching faculty for the GDIPL for Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Senior Lecturer, Stellenbosch University School of Public Leadership.

Rob also works with Ontario Tech University’s Continuous Learning Centre to develop and facilitate numerous courses for public and private-sector organizations.

Rob’s research interests centre around topics such as:

  • Effective leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).
  • E-Leadership as Enabling Function for Technology-enriched Learning.
  • Seeking Best Methods for Leadership Development in the 21st Century (4IR) context.
  • Seeking Best Methods for Police Leadership Development in the 21st Century (4IR) context.
  • The Efficacy of an Online Program for Leadership Development,
  • Simulations as a Leadership Development Tool.
  • Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership,
  • Emerging Issues in Higher Educational Leadership in Liminal COVID-19 Contexts, and
  • Leadership Decision Making Leveraging Big Data and Critical Thinking in Organizations.
  • Ubuntu, Ukhama, Sustainability and African Leadership,
  • VUCA and VUCA Prime in Leadership.
  • The intersection of Design Thinking and Leadership.

Rob is a member of the International Leadership Association, an ICF Certified FLOW Business Coach and an MBTI practitioner. He has published a range of books, book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles and has facilitated numerous peer-reviewed presentations.

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