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National Accessibility Resources for Employers (NARE)

We are excited to have been selected by the FSC to deliver on the National Accessibility Resources for Employers (NARE) 2-year project. The NARE project will create and distribute resources for employers to improve processes and policies to engage, accommodate, and retain employees living with disabilities. The Work Wellness Institute will leverage its national network and 35 years of experience to accomplish this goal during and beyond the pandemic. 

The Future Skills Centre  (FSC)  is a pan-Canadian initiative, connecting ideas and innovations generated across Canada so that employees and employers can succeed in the labour market, and ensuring that local, regional, and national economies thrive. FSC aims to help all Canadians benefit from effective skills development, while adopting an inclusive approach to supporting underserved groups such as women, youth, Indigenous peoples, newcomers, racialized peoples, LGBTQ2S+ peoples, persons with disabilities, veterans, and Canadians living in rural, remote, and Northern communities. FSC is making a significant $32 million investment in projects, supporting workers and employers in Canada. The 64 funded projects explore ways that evolving or emerging sectors and technologies can support workers displaced from socio-economic shocks, as well as strengthening new paths to the economy of tomorrow. As Canada faces the reality of an extended recovery period, the launch of these projects will help identify emerging opportunities to support longer term views for skills and employment development.  The 64 projects, selected from the  Shock-proofing the Future of Work Challenge, promote workforce resilience and target sectors, regions, and populations facing acute employment needs due to social and economic shocks. By investing in skills innovation, the launch of these projects aim to address the ongoing challenges towards a sustainable long-term recovery.  To find out more about the FSC’s 64 projects, click here.

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