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Building Capacity

‘Building Capacity’ is a three-year project funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), that will build capacity for the Work Wellness Institute to plan, deliver and evaluate our programs and activities. 

“We will:-Partner with the global community of researchers, employers, people with disabilities and other stakeholders (e.g., governments, labour organizations, occupational health and safety professionals, public and private insurers); -Provide credible, science-informed, practical tools and educational resources to facilitate employment retention, return-to-work, and inclusion of people with impairments and disabilities; -Support work participation for those at risk of, or living with, chronic and episodic health-related challenges. We are establishing a National Worker Health Advisory Committee that will work collaboratively to address existing and evolving social issues facing people with disabilities and their work participation.
We are engaging academic researchers via a Review Committee to support the creation of the WWi Portal; a global hub of high-quality research and evidence-based resources related to the creation and maintenance of inclusive workplaces. The portal will help inform decision making within the context of the workplace. “

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