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‘LGBTQ+ (2SLGBTQIA+ in Canada) Inclusion at Work ’ Lecture on Demand FREE during Pride Month

Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Leadership


To celebrate Pride month, the Work Wellness Institute is allowing its lecture on demand titled ‘LGBTQ+ (2SLGBTQIA+ in Canada) Inclusion at Work’ to be available for free. This lecture connects learners with recent research and thought leadership on the topic along with some practical recommendations that can be utilised within the workplace. Dr. Luke Fletcher, Associate Professor in HRM, University of Bath School of Management in the UK focuses on aspects related to disclosure and ‘coming out’ as well as the importance of authenticity and psychological safety. He will also detail which types of supportive practices and initiatives an organisation can develop to strengthen LGBTQ+ (2SLGBTQIA+ in Canada) inclusion at work.

Need an Idea for a Workplace Pride Month Activity?

Consider holding a viewing of the Work Wellness Institute 2SLGBTQIA+ themed lecture in your workplace, possibly in the style of a lunch and learn or even on a large projector screen similar to a movie viewing.

The Work Wellness Institute is making the lecture free for the entire month of June in the hopes that as many workplace as possible will hold a viewing, and potentially hold discussions as a team but ultimately focus on some of the resources taught that can be implemented to make workplaces more 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusive. Please enter the promo code: workwellnesspride whenever you want to watch the lecture in June with your team members.

Dr. Luke Fletcher will discuss why understanding and improving LGBTQ+ Inclusion (2SLGBTQIA+ in Canada) at work is important. This particular lecture also builds an understanding of the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ (2SLGBTQIA+ in Canada) people at work as well as provides a downloadable takeaway list of ways to learn more.

A few examples of 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusive resources a workplace can include:

  • 2SLGBTQIA+ staff network
  • Same-sex benefits
  • Diversity training
  • Anti-bullying
  • Anti-harassment policies

LGBTQ+ (2SLGBTQIA+ in Canada) Policies and Practices 

Within the workplace, workplaces may wish to consider introducing or reviewing a range of policies and practices to ensure they make specific reference to LGB and trans workers and experiences, which Dr. Fletcher will go over in the Work Wellness Institute lecture on demand. However, he points out it is crucial to remember no two LGBT+ identity journeys look the same, so different people’s needs and preferences will look very different. With that in mind, a non-exhaustive list of things you may want to consider are included in this lecture.

The Work Wellness Institute also has a powerhouse Speaker’s Bureau that has a speaker you might want to inquire about moderating a virtual discussion after the viewing of the lecture in your workplace.

Did your workplace watch our lecture?

Please tag the Work Wellness Institute on Instagram or LinkedIn in a photo of your team holding the viewing or in a post on how your workplace is going to take actionable steps to create a more 2SLGBTQIA+ in Canada inclusive environment.

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