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Fitting Fitness into the Workplace Health and Wellness Picture | Jennifer Wick

Leadership, Mental Health


Workplace Health and Wellness is a multi-faceted topic and today we bring it back to one of its core principles – physical health. Jennifer Wick, RMT and BCRPA Fitness Professional is calling employers to prioritize and build a culture of health in support of wellbeing for all. This discussion weaves through the multiple benefits of incorporating fitness into the workplace on an individual, group and organizational level.

Interview Guest Bio

Based in Vancouver, BC, Jennifer Wick is a 20 year veteran in the massage therapy and fitness industry. Jennifer is a registered massage therapist graduating 2001 in British Columbia from WCCMT. She later earned a Bachelor of Health science in 2010. Jennifer is certified BCRPA fitness professional and Supervisor of Fitness Leaders, she also holds numerous indoor cycling certifications. Since 2016, Jennifer has been a lead instructor, educator and mentor for Equinox Fitness Club’s flagship Vancouver location. At Equinox, she is known for her energetic and challenging classes across several workout categories – cycling, HIIT, strength training and treadmill classes. Jennifer has presented internationally at Cycle for Survival, Equinox’s biggest philanthropic endeavour, which in 2020 brought in over $40 million in aid of rare cancer research. Outside of work, she enjoys time with her family, skiing, pilates, swimming, and road cycling (including having completed three Gran Fondo races).

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