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Supporting Disclosure of Mental Health Conditions in Evolving Work Environments

Diversity and Inclusion, Disability Management, Mental Health
225 1.5hr
This course explores the concept of disclosure and how organizations can create environments that support employees in their decision whether to disclose a mental health condition in the workplace.

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In this course, you will become familiar with factors in the workplace that influence, either positively or negatively, the decision to disclose a mental health condition. You will be exposed to best practices to create a supportive work environment at the organization and interpersonal level, as well as throughout the employment lifecycle.

Who is this course for?

This program is designed for leaders or managers that want to take a proactive approach to mental health within their organization and seek to create a supportive work environment for workers that may be experiencing a mental health condition.

Learning Outcomes

Explain the decisional balance considered by employees with respect to disclosure
Identify organizational level influences on the disclosure decision
Apply knowledge of best practices to support disclosure in the workplace to your organization
Understand how practices to support disclosure in the workplace should shift during periods of disruption such as COVID-19

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