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How to Develop Inclusive Onboarding and Training Practices

Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Leadership, Future of Work
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Welcome to the Inclusive Onboarding and Training Program presented by Work Wellness Institute.

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This course is about helping new employees make a transition; an important transition into your organization. When this transition goes well, employees can find greater success and a sense of satisfaction. When this transition goes poorly, employees – and the organization – suffer.

As you make your way through this program, think about your onboarding experiences and reflect what went well and what needed improvement. Your own personal and professional experiences hold a great deal of information that can be useful to you as you go down this path to creating inclusive onboarding and training programs. But that’s not the only source of information you’ll find useful: speaking to current employees and engaging new employees in the onboarding and training process as much as possible provides valuable insights, advice, strategies, protocols, procedures, and more that can improve the process for the better..   

Audience: ‘This program is designed for leaders, managers, and employers who want to enhance and increase their awareness and implementation of  inclusive onboarding and training practices’ 

Course Learning Outcomes: 

In module one, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some of the best practices for being inclusive during the onboarding and training process and come to understand how you can implement some of these best practices right away. For the purposes of this course, we’ll refer to onboarding and training separately, but in practice, they go hand-in-hand in ensuring a successful transition and adoption of new roles.  

In module two, you’ll learn about accessibility considerations in the onboarding and training processes and discover ways to customize the onboarding process for each new employee you welcome into your organization.  

In module three, you’ll practice developing a customized learner journey and consider onboarding employees from a learning perspective, rather than a prescriptive, corporate perspective. After all, new employees come ready to learn and adopting a learner-centered approach will help make the transition even easier.  


Learning Outcomes

Understanding what successful onboarding practices look like
Seven adult learning principles and how they apply in the workplace
Understand and recognize that major changes related to improving inclusivity can take time and the support of tools like timelines and project management techniques can help
Develop a prioritized list of improvements you can make in your training process
About learner journeys and how to think about employees as learners in the workplace

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