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Understanding Gender Differences in Work-Related Health Outcomes

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A growing body of research has identified that there are important differences in work-related health outcomes between men and women. Understanding why differences may exist is challenging due to the role of biological sex-based factors and more socially determined gender-based factors.

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This webinar will provide an overview of research evidence on understanding sex/gender-based differences in work-related health outcomes, including research conducted by the Partnership for Work, Health and Safety.

Take-home messages:

  • There is evidence of persistent sex/gender-based differences in work-related health outcomes, such as work disability duration and access to specialized health care
  • Providers or practitioners may need to tailor disability prevention, management and rehabilitation efforts to men and women’s specific needs and barriers


Learning Outcomes

To provide examples of how sex/gender differences matter for work disability management and rehabilitation
To prompt discussion on how evidence of sex/gender differences in work-related health can be used to improve work disability management and rehabilitation policy and practice

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