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Towards the Prevention of Workplace Bullying: Evaluation of the Impact of a National Intervention

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Workplace bullying is a significant problem in New Zealand workplaces. In response, the New Zealand Government agency WorkSafe New Zealand released guidance on management and prevention strategies as part of its “Best Practice Guidelines” series. The aim of the guidelines was to influence the macro level of New Zealand employment relations by trying to shape individual and organizational practice.

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This webinar reports on research that attempted to assess the short-term impact of these guidelines according to the potential shifts in perceptions held by sector specialists from human resources, employment relations and health and safety.

Take home messages:

  • Workplace bullying continues to be a significant problem for NZ. 12- 18% of workers report bullying behaviours.
  • Workplace bullying is not just a problem for organisations but a problem of organisation.
  • Effective prevention for workplace bullying requires improving the work environment not just fixing people.

Learning Outcomes

The prevalence of workplace bullying in New Zealand and the regulatory context for its management and prevention
The influence that a policy level intervention can have
The types of intervention practices that are typically planned, implemented and considered by specialists in New Zealand
How the NZ experience can provide insight into advancing your own intervention initiatives


Bevan Catley
Bevan Catley is a member of the Healthy Work Group at Massey University; a multidisciplinary team of researchers interested in psychosocial factors in workplace health and safety. His primary research focus is on workplace bullying and workplace violence and he has published extensively on these topics in a number of international journals. Bevan is also a board member of the International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment and the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. This program is pre-approved by VRA Canada for a 1 hour training session.

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