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Presenteeism, Psychological Health and Workplace Performance during the Pandemic

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Presenteeism is often described as working while sick. What about presenteeism during the pandemic when many people are teleworking? What measures are employers taking to preserve psychological health? This balance between performance expectations and psychological health can be precarious.

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In this webinar, Caroline Biron presents data on psychological health and performance in the workplace during confinement collected with a web panel of 1259 workers in Quebec in collaboration with SOM. The study suggests there are different types of presenteeism as health and performance are not always affected uniformly and systematically. Avenues for individual, collective and organizational interventions.


Caroline Biron
Caroline Biron is an Associate Professor of occupational health and safety management at Laval University, Quebec, Canada. She earned a Master’s degree in Psychology from Laval University and a Ph.D. from Lancaster University Management School, United Kingdom. She is actively involved in several organizations to support and evaluate implementation of interventions to reduce stress, improve well-being, and organizational performance.

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