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How Do We Improve Communication and Collaboration in Return-To-Work?

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Communication and collaboration between return to work (RTW) stakeholders are central to the process of return to work and have been identified as an untapped resource for improving RTW processes and outcomes. Yet, communication and collaboration remain a problematic aspect of RTW with employers, health care providers and insurers expressing various dissatisfactions with the process and activities of other actors.

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This webinar will focus on the barriers and facilitators of communication and collaboration during RTW and how we can improve the picture.

Take-home messages:

  • Communication and collaboration occur across a complex network of stakeholders with varying interests and agendas, situated in different systems, and through a range of media.
  • Improving communication and collaboration requires integration of stakeholder systems through media, but also recognition of a shared purpose and the importance of collective effort, perspective taking, and an integrated approach to determining RTW fit that accepts the inherent need for subjective and objective information.

Learning Outcomes

The critical features of the communication and collaboration network involved in RTW
How communication and collaboration fit into the stages of RTW (ideal and practice)
The barriers and facilitators of communication and collaboration during RTW
Ways and means to improve communication and collaboration during RTW


Fergal O'Hagan
Dr. Fergal O'Hagan is a Registered Kinesiologist, academic and researcher. Fergal completed a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education (Saskatchewan, 1984), Masters degree in Adapted Human Biodynamics (McMaster University, 1987), Ph.D in Exercise Science (University of Toronto, 2009), Post-graduate Diploma in Work Disability Prevention Research (Universite de Sherbrooke, 2011) and postdoctoral fellowship (Social Science and Humanities Research Council CURA program). Having practiced in the field of occupational rehabilitation with a range of clinical populations for 25 years, he successfully developed and managed rehabilitation programs for acute and chronic disability. He is presently on faculty in the Department of Psychology at Trent University. O’Hagan’s research focuses on psychological and social process affecting work disability and the reintegration of workers following sickness absence.

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