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Exercise Management for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Evidence and Current Approaches

130 1 Hour
This webinar will examine the current evidence for exercise management, and will also discuss types of exercise modalities and the effects on fatigue and immune function, which may prove useful for clinical exercise practice.

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CFS is a complex condition where clients vary from being very debilitated to being relatively well. Clinicians and exercise professionals need to be aware of the range of symptoms and exercise responses likely to be found in CFS clients, as these help determine exercise prescription for this population group.

It is important to clarify that Dr. Broadbent’s research is different than the PACE study. It is not based on “Graded Exercise”.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the pathophysiology, symptomology, physiological responses to exercise and contraindications for this population group
Understand different exercise modalities and possible effects on immune responses and fatigue
Evaluate the current CFS literature and identify areas for further research

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