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Employee Well-being Interventions: What Does the Science Show Actually Works

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There is much buzz surrounding workplace wellness programs in the media these days. But, how much of what we see and read is really supported by science? And what are the evidence-based best practices to follow in designing and implementing these programs?

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This webinar will address those questions while providing you with practical suggestions for making your programs work.

Take-home messages

  • Not everything we see and read about workplace wellness programs is backed by science.
  • Following evidence-based practices is important for increasing the likelihood that the program will deliver intended benefits.

Learning Outcomes

Best practice strategies for designing, implementing, and evaluating workplace wellness programs
Best practice strategies for recruiting and retaining wellness program participants


Seth Kaplan
Seth Kaplan is an associate professor of industrial/ organizational psychology at George Mason University. He has developed and evaluated several programs designed to improve the experience of work, especially in the public sector. Seth's research on workplace well-being has appeared in various journals including Psychological Bulletin, Journal of Applied Psychology and Journal of Management, and has been funded by sources such as the Army Research Institute. He serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Business and Psychology and as an editorial board member of three additional journals. He earned his B.S. from the University of Florida and his master’s and doctorate degrees in industrial/organizational psychology from Tulane University in New Orleans, USA. Other than trying to improve the experience work, Seth's other great pleasure is his 8-year old son.

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