Certificate of Attendance

WWi members and Vocational Rehabilitation Association Canada will be able to order certificates for free. Following a live webinar, attendees will be invited to order their certificate of attendance. If you would like to receive certificates for attending any of our live or recorded webinars, you can:

  • become a WWi Professional Member ($90 per year or $225 for 3 years) and receive unlimited certificates for the duration of your membership or
  • pay $15 per certificate

To be eligible for certificates of attendance, you must have attended the webinar for a minimum of 50 minutes, and you must connect with your device’s audio and visual connection.  SHRM members must attend the full 60 minutes of a live webinar to receive 1 PDC.


We are currently upgrading the process of requesting certificates. 

For the time being, please email Patricia Almeida at [email protected] to request your certificate.

Please note that: 

    • Certificates are issued once:
        • Attendance is verified 
        • Membership is verified OR certificate invoice is paid
    • Certificates take up to two weeks to process. 
    • Certificates are only available for twelve months from the date of the live webinar.

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